I love being a photographer. Each time I photograph a family I feel honoured to be invited into their space and emotional lives. I learn about love and relationships. The girls in this family (aged one and a half and three and a half) were comfortable with me right away. When kids are curious (as they usually are!) I like to invite them into the photography process so that they feel included in the experience of making pictures. I asked the little one if she wanted to be my assistant and she walked right over and sat down in my lap. So adorable. Then we took a few photos of her family and the older daughter took her place. I felt honoured they felt this comfortable around me after only just meeting.

The trust of a child is a gift.TorontoChildrenPhotographer-IMG_9080TorontoChildrenPhotographer-IMG_9113

When we did shadow play in the front yard, the older sister sang and danced while the younger one offered up flowers that were making beautiful shadows. It was inspiring. I find shadow play such a beautiful way to make fine art photography for families.TorontoChildrenPhotographer-IMG_9658-Edit

There was a LOT of jumping on the bed. Each jump was magic.TorontoChildrenPhotographer-IMG_9586-2TorontoChildrenPhotographer-IMG_9524-2_series

Hiding in the shadows.







Like a fish, the older sister dunked her head over and over again, with joy and fearlessness.TorontoChildrenPhotographer-IMG_0106TorontoChildrenPhotographer-IMG_0109TorontoChildrenPhotographer-IMG_9961

After story time with dad for both girls, the older girl and mom headed downstairs for a bedtime snack and a chat. It was one of those every day, beautiful moments. The end of the day brings a clarity and honesty and space to connect with those you love. I can imagine years from now this little girl thinking back on how special these moments were with her mom.

Thank you for sharing these moments with me.