Looking at this picture of a tree on a hill without any other spatial reference, how do you know it is a tree on the hill? Do you assume that trees grow straight up toward the sun? Why?

What makes us any different?

I’m in San Francisco today for a retreat. Every time I’m here the hills astound me. That life goes up, down and sideways to accommodate them shows such a drive and determination, of nature and people. I spent the day photographing trees on hills.

What do you trust more in life, the position of the ground or your commitment to reach for the sun?


Hope is still feeling the sun shining when the ground is shifting under your feet.

Trust is believing that the sun will continue to shine.

We all want to reach our highest potential. This is how we need to raise our children.

The sun is trust, dreaming, play, creativity, hope.

The tree is the path and the roots are our “why”. Once we have the “why”, everything else follows.

My daughter is my “why”. I want so many things for her. I want her to make sure that she takes care of herself first, even when she needs to take care of others. “Taking care” means nurturing our body, mind, heart and spirit equally. Each part of us needs our love to be whole. This will help us to shine our light onto others.

I want her to feel free to be exactly who she is and never have to compromise.

I want her to trust herself in the choices that she makes that she doesn’t need to look to others for affirmation.

I want her to always be curious about life.

I want her to not be afraid to stand out and be different.

I want her to always have access to imagination and creativity.

I want her to know that her story matters.

I photograph the magic of childhood because I think it lives in everyone.
It is our true nature.